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What are the common applications of pinion and rack?

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What are the common applications of pinion and rack?

A rack and pinion is a linear actuator that consists of a circular gear(pinion)engaged with a linear gear(the rack).A rack and pinion is used to convert rotational motion into linear motion.Pinion and rack drives can use both straight and helical gears.The drive pinion rotation results in a linear drive of the rack.A linear drive rack will cause the pinion to be driven and rotated.Rack and pinions are commonly used as follows:

rack and pinion(1) 

ALM High Quality Rack and Pinion

1.Car steering:This system works by converting rotating motion into linear motion.Most cars,small trucks and SUVs are equipped with rack and pinion systems rather than the recirculating ball steering systems found in large trucks,large SUVs and other heavy vehicles.

Rack and Pinion for Car steering

Rack and Pinion for Car steering

2.Railways:Rack railways are mountain railways that use racks built into the center of the track and pinion gears on the locomotive.This allows them to work on steep gradients,up to 45 degrees,rather than conventional railways,which rely solely on friction for movement.In addition,the addition of rack and pinion gears provides controlled brakes for these trains and reduces the impact of snow or ice on the tracks.

rack and pinion for Railways

Rack and Pinion for Railways

3.Stairlifts:Almost all stairlifts contain a rack and pinion gear,which allows upward movement in a similar manner as described above.


rack and pinion for Stairlifts

Rack and Pinion for Stairlifts

4.Actuators:Actuators are machines that move various components,such as pipeline transport system.In such a system,pinion and rack gears help to control the valves required for the basic functions of the system.

5.Gantry,packing machine:Typical applications of pinion and rack gears can be observed in gantry and packaging machines in the industry, which can easily handle loads ranging from a few pounds to several tons.

rack and pinion for Gantry,packing machine

Rack and Pinion for Gantry

6.Woodworking,high speed metal cutting machine:Rack-and-pinion is now also used in high speed metal cutting machines,woodworking machines for carving,woodcutting.And assembly equipment for palleting,dispensing,picking and placing.

rack andpinion for Woodworking, high speed metal cutting machine 

Rack and Pinion for Woodworking,High Speed Metal Cutting Machine





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