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What are the common lock nuts?

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What are the common lock nuts?

The locking nut is a kind of nut widely used in machinery and other industries,and its working principle is to use the friction between the nut and the bolt to self-lock.However,the reliability of this self-locking will be reduced under dynamic loads.In some important occasions,we will take some anti-loosening measures to ensure the reliability of the nut lock.The important feature of the lock nut is anti-loosening,also called anti-loosening nut.

The three common types of lock nuts are as follows:

The first type is a square lock nut,or also anti-loosening bearing nut,which is characterized by a small copper piece in the inner round face of the nut that is consistent with the lock nut thread,which is used to avoid direct contact between the radial top lock screw and the lock thread and damage the latter.Stop screw with copper alloy kit,fastening performance is good,the ball screw is widely used on the lock nut.

square lock nut

The second is a round precision lock nut with a hook wrench slot on the side.This nut uses a hook wrench tool,which is easy to operate and easy to lock.The front end of the fixed lead screw is equipped with copper alloy locking plate,which has good fastness.High precision,end face perpendicularity up to 0.005mm,generally used for machines with high precision requirements.

round precision nut

The third is the separation type lock nut,also known as the heavy lock nut,which is composed of two parts, due to the deviation between the center of the nut flange and the center of the thread,the combination is tightly fastened into a whole,resulting in the effect of high strength oblique wedge.Compared with the use of ordinary bearing nuts,there is no need to use toothed spring washers and no need to perform keyway machining on the shaft.

separation type lock nut

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