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What are the differences between electric linear actuator and electric cylinder?

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What are the differences between electric linear actuator and electric cylinder?

The electric push rod and the electric cylinder are generally referred to as the electric linear actuator,which drives a variety of screws to rotate through the motor,so that the nut is transformed into a reciprocating linear motion.The principle of the electric cylinder is the same as the working principle of the electric linear actuator,which is the movement of the linear push and pull and lift action,but there are still a lot of differences between them.

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The difference between the electric cylinder and the electric push rod are as follows: 

●Structure: the internal nut of the electric push rod is an ordinary nut, the internal structure gap is large, and the motor used is mostly AC and DC motors,so the repeated positioning accuracy is low,and the life is short; The structure of the electric cylinder is the screw structure,and the motor of the electric cylinder is mostly servo motor or stepping motor,and the internal clearance is almost zero,so the repeated positioning accuracy of the electric cylinder is high,the application is more extensive,and the life is long.

●Accuracy: AC electric push rod accuracy: 0.2mm; DC electric push rod accuracy: 1-2mm; Electric cylinder accuracy: 0.01-0.02mm.

●Material selection: electric push rod by ordinary lead screw,ball screw to do,usually connected to gear motor,turbine rod and other ways of transmission,efficiency is relatively low;the servo electric cylinder is usually made of grinding ball screw and planetary ball screw,which is directly coupled with the motor or synchronously connected to the belt wheel,and the speed and efficiency are very high.

●Speed: speed of the electric push rod is generally <100mm/s; The electric cylinder can reach a speed of 2m/s. 

●Control: the electric push rod can only control 0 point and the end of the stroke 2 positions; The electric cylinder can be started and stopped in any position.


●Thrust:electric push rod is mainly to achieve the push and pull action,thrust is basically difficult to exceed 10 tons;electric cylinders,such as servo electric cylinders,thrust up to 35 tons or more.All in all,the electric push rod has a simple structure, small thrust,low working system,simple control program,low price,and is used as an execution machine in a variety of simple or complex processes;Electric cylinder,especially servo electric cylinder,generally large thrust,large stroke,with accurate speed,position control,high speed,higher price than the push-rod characteristics,more widely used.

Electric cylinder can be accurately positioned,fast,large load,long life,mostly used in industrial equipment,aerospace field,and electric push rod in different levels. Electric push rod,can only be simple telescopic,can not be positioned,can not withstand large thrust,relatively small push rod is used plastic gear, push rod is generally used in the equipment or equipment with low requirements.

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