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What Are The Famous Ball Screw Manufacturers in China?

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What Are The Famous Ball Screw Manufacturers in China?

●TBI Ball Screw Manufacturer

One such ball screw manufacturer is TBI from Taiwan China.TBI ball screws are produced using world-class machinery manufactured in Japan.The production process includes stringent control of temperature and humidity in the grinding,assembly,and inspection stages.This attention to detail, coupled with a robust quality management system,ensures high precision and accuracy in TBI ball screws.Additionally,TBI ball screws can be preloaded,allowing for negative axial clearance and increased rigidity.This makes them ideal for use in various mechanical devices.


PMI Ball Screw Manufacturer

PMI is a renowned ball screw and linear guide manufacturer capable of producing precision-level ball screws and linear guides.With one of the world's top three production capacities,PMI enjoys a stellar reputation in the international ball screw and guide manufacturing industry.Their exceptional manufacturing technology and consistent product quality have earned them a significant market share in mainland China.


ALM Ball screw manufacturer

Established in 2005,ALM is a company dedicated to the research,development,and manufacturing of precision and rolled ball screws.They are among the few ball screw manufacturers worldwide capable of producing JIS C0 level ball screws.In addition to ball screws,ALM offers a range of linear motion products including trapezoidal lead screws,linear guides,couplings,stepper motors,and linear modules.This comprehensive product lineup allows ALM to provide customers with a one-stop solution,ensuring they always find the best possible solution for their needs.




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