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What are the famous manufacturers of planetary roller screw?

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What are the famous manufacturers of planetary roller screw?

Planetary roller screw is a common transmission device,widely used in the field of mechanical engineering.It is composed of a planetary gear and a roller screw,and realizes efficient linear motion through the planetary gear rotation.This transmission device has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency and high precision.

The world's representative planetary roller screw enterprises are mainly distributed in Germany,Switzerland and Sweden,such as Schaeffler,Bosch Rexroth,Steinmeyer,SKF and other companies.The famous planetary roller screw companies in the United States are CMC and Moog,and Japan has NSK and THK two major groups.

Chinese planetary roller screw manufacturers are represented by Nanjing Technology company and ALM Company.ALM company specializes in the development and production of planetary roller screw for more than 20 years.Planetary roller screw series include:standard planetary roller screws,inverted planetary roller screws,differential planetary roller screws,recirculating roller screws.

High-performance planetary roller screws ALM Standard planetary roller screws
Ultra Power planetary roller screws ALM Bearing ring planetary roller screws
Inverted planetary roller screws ALM  Differential  planetary roller screws
Planetary roller screws rotating Nut

ALM Inverted planetary roller screws

Recirculating roller screws

ALM Recirculating roller screws

ALM's success in the field of planetary roller screws is inseparable from its strong research and development team and advanced production equipment.The company has a dedicated team of engineers,designers and technicians who have the experience and expertise to provide customized solutions according to the needs of customers. In addition,ALM also introduced advanced production equipment and technology to ensure that the quality and performance of planetary screw drives reach the international level.

ALM R&D Team

R&d technical team

ALM Technical Seminar Technical seminar
ALM production equipment

ALM production equipment

ALM product processing

ALM production equipment

ALM inspection equipment

ALM inspection equipment

As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the quality and performance of the planetary roller screw are critical to the success of the equipment. Whether in machine tool manufacturing, automation equipment or other industries, these manufacturers make a great contribution to the development of manufacturing industry.In the future, the planetary roller screw will continue to play its unique advantages and bring more possibilities to the manufacturing industry.

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