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What are the precautions for cross roller guide installation?

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What are the precautions for cross roller guide installation?

When installing a linear cross guide rail, install the left and right cross guide rails parallel to the ground.If the installation status is poor, the load resistance will be greatly reduced.When installed parallel to the ground,the approximate standard of rated load is 25%(reference value).If the load applied to the horizontal installation exceeds the reference value,or the load is applied to the center of gravity far from the center of the cross roller rail,the inner cross guide rail may slip out of the outer cross roller rail. Please test and confirm before use.

●Roller creep phenomenon

Due to the influence of warp during machining,the roller track surface is not completely circular. For this reason, the contact between the cross roller rail and the roller will undergo various changes, which will affect the movement of the roller. The phenomenon of roller creep in the direction of cross guide rail caused by the change of movement amount is called roller creep phenomenon.When an offset occurs due to the roller creep phenomenon,a force greater than the usual sliding force is sometimes required to correct the offset. 

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When the roller creep occurs, slowly apply force to the cross roller guide rail,and pull the cross guide rail to the completely pulled out position to correct the deviation.If the cross roller guide is not completely pulled out,and the reciprocating slide, it will not be able to repair the offset,but also prone to large offset. The position of the handle is inclined to the cross roller rail on one side,causing it to bear partial load,which will lead to the creep phenomenon of the roller. Please pay attention when designing. Because of the offset,although the retainer has reached the left end of the outer cross rail, it is not in a full stroke state. In order to remove the roller creep phenomenon, please increase the force to slide the inner cross guide to the full stroke state.

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Installation method

When installing the part that interferes with the cross roller guide and the mounting hole, move the process hole above the mounting hole and install the screw. If the linear cross roller rail is subjected to strong impact after full opening and full closing, it may cause damage. It is recommended to install a baffle or buffer mechanism on the outer side of the cross guide rail frame to avoid strong impact on the linear cross roller guide rail.




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