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What are the types and uses of shaft collars?

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What are the types and uses of shaft collars?

The shaft collar is made of 45 steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy and other materials, and is used with guide shaft, rotating shaft, circular pillar,installation base,etc.According to the connection method,the shaft collar can be divided into screw type, open mouth type,separation type and handle type, and the inner diameter can be selected from 3 to 100mm. 

shaft collar types

Stop screw type has an attached stop screw, easy to install, but the shaft will be a little damaged,can not be disassembled frequently. In order to avoid damage to the shaft when fixing the shaft, open mouth type,separate type and handle type fixing rings can be used, among which the handle type fixing ring is easy to install and can be disassembled frequently, while the separate type fixing ring can be installed after, easy to maintain and easy to disassemble. When the shaft collar is used with the guide shaft and the rotating shaft, the outer diameter tolerance requirements are respectively: the outer diameter tolerance of the guide shaft is g6, h5, f8; The outside diameter tolerance of the rotating shaft is g6, h7.

shaft collar clamp

Shaft collar uses are:
1.can be used for general purposes such as block, positioning and fixing of pulley;

2.can be used for bearing inner ring fixed;

3.by opening a variety of mounting holes can be installed a variety of fixed plates, sensors and other parts, the types of holes are through holes, screw holes, countersunk holes;

4.The shaft collar is equipped with a polyurethane A70 buffer, which can be used as a buffer to avoid metal sounds caused by contact between metal parts;

5.can be used for screw shaft end fixation.


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