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What are the types of ACME thread?

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What are the types of ACME thread?

ACME thread is a kind of trapezoidal thread,is a type of thread profile commonly used in industrial applications for power transmission and linear motion.

ACME thread Types

There are three main types of ACME threads,General Purpose(G),Centralizing(C),and Stub Acme thread,all of them have a 29° thread angle.

General Purpose(G),Centralizing(C),and Stub Acme thread

The nominal depth of thread for General Purpose and Centralizing thread forms is 0.50 times the pitch.General Purpose ACME Threads are commonly used type of ACME threads.


Centralizing ACME threads have a modified thread form that allows for better alignment and centering of components.Centralizing threads are produced with tighter tolerances and reduced clearance on the major diameter in contrast to general-purpose threads.

Stub Acme threads have a thread depth less than one half the pitch.These threads have a shorter thread length compared to general purpose ACME threads and are used in applications where space is limited.


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