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What are the types of anti-backlash nuts?

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What are the types of anti-backlash nuts?

In linear motion field,accuracy is critical.Anti-backlash nut lead screw is designed to solve the problem of clearance and loosening of common nuts during use.Common nuts are prone to large gaps due to thread wear and material deformation after being subjected to external forces or prolonged use,resulting in a weak connection between nut and lead screw,finally affecting stability and accuracy of your equipment.

backlash between lead screw and nut

Anti-Backlash Nut types

Anti-backlash nut popular types include axial and radial anti-backlash nuts.Choosing the right style depends on factors such as payload,accuracy,repeatability requirements, budget,space constraints, and available torque.


(1)Axial anti-backlash nut  

Axial anti-backlash nuts are typically made up of two nut halves,which are biased against opposite flank angles with a spring.This design allows for a tight fit between nut and lead screw.The stiffness depends mainly on the force of springs,you can select appropriate springs according to your needs.Axial anti backlash nut design is simple and inexpensive. However,this type of anti backlash nut usually produces a high drag torque.

(2)Radial anti-Backlash nut

Radial style anti-backlash nuts feature three fingers that close down like a collet to squeeze the threads of nut into the flank angle of lead screw.Radial anti backlash nuts typically have higher stiffness,making them suitable for applications with higher loads and repeatability.Equipped with a compression spring that provides constant pressure to compensate for wear.These radial anti backlash nuts prices are moderate.

Customize your anti-Backlash nut

Below pictures show our popular anti backlash nut shape,click to download ALM anti-backlash nut lead screw catalog.ALM Lead screw catalog.pdf


ALM anti-backlash nut type 


As a leading anti-backlash nut lead screw manufacturer,ALM anti-backlash nut lead screw can bring you following advantages:

(1) Custom service,various anti-backlash nut size,shape,and material can be produced to meet your specific needs.

(2) All anti-backlash nut lead screw meet ISO9001:2015,CE, RoHS standard,100% inspected before shipping.

(3)High precision an excellent surface finish Ra0.8~Ra1.6

(4)Our lead time only within 10 days.


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