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What are the types of couplings?

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What are the types of couplings?

Coupling is a link that connects two transmission components in mechanical equipment and is an important part of industrial transmission. According to different types, performance, use can be divided into the following categories:


1.According to the type,coupling is divided into the following common categories

Metal diaphragm coupling:suitable for servo motor,encoder,planetary reducer,ball screw,compressor,mixer,paper machinery,robots,and other mechanical equipment.

Plum coupling: suitable for servo system, motor spindle drive, packaging machinery, machine tool drive, pump and other machinery.

Bellows coupling: suitable for encoders,CNC machine tools, positioning systems, ball screw, indexing disc, planetary gear reducer.

Spring coupling: suitable for rotary encoder, stepper motor, screw, etc.

Parallel coupling: suitable for stepper motor, encoder, screw and other connections.

Cross slider coupling: suitable for tachometer, encoder, screw, machine tool, and other machinery.

Universal coupling, rigid coupling.

2.According to the performance classification

There are mainly: rigid coupling, high-torque coupling, miniature coupling, high-precision coupling, high-elastic coupling, precision coupling.

3.According to the application classification

servo motor coupling, encoder coupling, stepper motor coupling, engine coupling, CNC equipment coupling, printing equipment coupling, textile machinery coupling, heavy equipment coupling, packaging equipment coupling, chemical equipment coupling, pump coupling.

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