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What are the types of lead screw threads?

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What are the types of lead screw threads?

On the cylindrical (or conical) surface,the continuous raised grooves with the same profile formed along the helix of lead screw are called lead screw threads.Threads on outer surface of lead screw are called external threads.Threads on the inner surface of lead screw cavity are called internal threads.


Lead screw thread types

Lead screws thread can be divided into different types according to the use,tooth type,pitch,etc.,commonly classified according to tooth type.


(1)Acme thread:This type of screw thread has a trapezoidal shape with a 29-degree angle.The ACME thread's inclined sides allow for quick and easy engagement and disengagement,making it a popular choice for power screws that require high efficiency and strength.

ACME lead screw thread


(2)Trapezoidal thread: Trapezoidal threads have a trapezoidal shape with a 30-degree angle.They are commonly used in applications requiring high efficiency and ease of use.

Trapezoidal thread lead screw Thread


(3)Metric thread:Metric threads are a standard thread form used in many countries,including Europe and Asia.They have a 60-degree angle and come in various pitches.

Metric lead screw thread

(4)Square thread:Square threads have a square shape with a 90-degree angle.They provide high efficiency but are less durable than Acme threads.

square lead screw thread

ALM Lead screw solution

Choosing the right type of lead screw thread for specific applications ensures optimum performance and efficiency. At ALM you can find ACME thread,trapezoidal thread,metric thread lead screwand so on.Feel free to contact us to find more lead screws you need.





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