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What are the types of lock nuts?

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What are the types of lock nuts?

Lock nut is a kind of nut widely used in machinery and other industries,and is also a very common one in industrial standard parts,the main use is to lock through the wire connector or other pipe fittings.

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The working principle of the locking nut is to self-lock by the friction between the nut and the bolt.When the bolt and the nut tighten each other, the tooth tip of the bolt will be tightly capped on the wedge-shaped surface of the self-locking thread,resulting in a large locking force.The anti-loosening effect of the lock nut mainly depends on the interaction force between the nut and the bolt mesh thread.Lock nuts are roughly divided into the following types:

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●Two identical nuts are screwed on the same bolt, and a tightening torque is added between the two nuts to make the bolt connection reliable.

It is a special
lock nut that needs to be used together with a lock gasket.

It is to drill threaded holes through the outer surface of the nut to the inner thread surface (generally 2,the outer surface is 90 distribution),which is used to screw into the small diameter countersunk screw, the purpose is to exert a centripetal force on the thread to prevent the lock nut from loosening.

It is composed of two parts,each part has a staggered CAM,because the internal wedge design slope angle is greater than the nut angle of the bolt,this combination will be tightly fastened into a whole, when there is vibration, the lock nut convex part of each other, resulting in lifting tension, so as to achieve the perfect lock effect.

●In order to prevent the structure from loosening,through the design improvement on the thread structure,without the help of other external factors to obtain a locking function of its own,so its applicability is wider than the above methods, and the requirements for the environment are relatively low.

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