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What are the ways to choose bearings?

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What are the ways to choose bearings?

In mechanical design,the size of the shaft that meets the necessary strength is mostly determined first,and then the bearing is selected on this basis.

Deep groove ball bearing

Tapered roller bearing

Self-aligning ball bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing

ALM designs and produces a wide range of ball bearings and roller bearings

●When the main load is radial (perpendicular to the axis),choose the radial bearing,and when the main load is axial(in the same direction as the axis),choose the axial bearing.

The bearing load is small,choose
ball bearings; When the load is large,choose roller bearings.

When a bearing bears radial load and axial load at the same time(combined load),if the synthetic load is small,choose deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings;If the load is large, choose tapered roller bearings.

When bearing large bilateral axial loads,more than two bearings should be used in combination or multiple rows of bearings 




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