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What is the difference between ball linear guides and roller linear guides?

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 What is the difference between ball linear guides and roller linear guides?

· Linear ball guide

Linear ball guide rail is composed of slide rail, slide block, ball, ball holder, ball returner and other assembly, the main principle is through the structure of the ball slot, ball returner to make the steel ball row for circular movement, so as to achieve the low friction linear movement of the slide block on the slide rail. Such a structure determines that the linear guide has the following basic characteristics:

Linear Ball Guide

1.Because its support body is ball, point surface rolling contact, so the friction resistance is very small, can carry out subtle movement, to achieve the control device and other high-precision positioning;

2.Because the ball has its own rolling groove, the force on the ball rotating surface will be dispersed, so there is a larger allowable load;

3.The linear guide rail is not easy to produce friction heat during operation, and is not easy to be heated and deformed, so it is suitable for high-speed and high-precision movement;

4.Usually the contact Angle of each ball row is 45°, so that the four directions of action on the slider (radial, inverse radial and lateral) have the same load rating.

· Linear roller guide
The most direct difference between linear roller guide and linear ball guide is the medium they roll, the ball is used inside the ball linear guide, and the roller linear guide uses steel columns.

Roller Linear Guide

1.Because its support body is a roller, and the contact with the slide is linear rolling contact, under the same volume, compared with the ball type, it is characterized by higher rigidity and greater bearing capacity.

2.roller guide blocks for high sensitivity and high performance planar linear motion. In the case of heavy load or variable load, the elastic deformation is small and smooth linear motion can be obtained without crawling;

3.Roller guide block can improve the positioning accuracy of the machine because its rolling body-roller is guided well during rolling and can be automatically centered.


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