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What is the difference between ground ball screw and rolled ball screw?

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What is the difference between ground ball screw and rolled ball screw?

Ground ball screw is manufactured by mechanical processing,and cold rolling ball screw using a molding method.Cold rolling is first cut out a certain depth of groove on the ball screw material,groove distance and you want to process the same distance,and then roll out with similar processing ball screw tooth rubbing machine,accuracy grade is medium,suitable for ordinary precision requirements are not high on the equipment.

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  Rolled ball screw

Ground ball screw is on the basis of pressing and rolling with a special cylindrical grinding machine for circular groove shape and size precision machining,but the cut groove is at the bottom of the circular groove,the accuracy level is medium and higher,suitable for CNC machine tools and other equipment with high precision requirements.

large ground ball screw processingLarge Ground Ball Screw

Ground ball screw 

Cold rolling ball screw general surface is smooth and shiny,with light conditions of high reflector dazzling.Grinding ball screw on the surface carefully can see the grinding marks of the grinding wheel.


In terms of appearance,the roller groove of the rolled ball screw is smooth and shallow compared with the ground ball screw.There is generally a small groove at the top of the uplift between the roller groove and the roller groove of the rolled ball screw.

●Rolled ball screw systems typically cost significantly less than ground ball screws and should be used in most applications.Rolled ball screw and ground ball screws are available in a variety of lengths,diameters and load capacities to suit a wide range of applications.However,if very high positioning accuracy and a high degree of repeatability are required,the cost of choosing a precision ground ball screw system may be well worth it.

Ground ball screw accuracy is generally C0,C1,C2,C3,C5

Cold rolling ball screw precision is C7, C8, C10


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