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What is the interchangeability of linear guides?

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What is the interchangeability of linear guides?

The interchangeability of the linear guide rail means that the linear block and the linear rail can be interchanged arbitrarily when the accuracy allows. If the slide rail or the slider is broken, only the block or the slide rail needs to be replaced separately instead of the whole set.

The accuracy of the linear guide is very high, so in order to ensure the accuracy, if the slide rail or the slider is broken, it may be necessary to replace the whole set, which will cost more and sometimes be troublesome. Then there is a need to be able to replace the slider or the slide rail separately at this time. Then the interchangeability of the linear guide rail in this case can be realized.

Interchangeable linear guide rails and non-interchangeable linear guide rails have the same specifications and dimensions.The main difference lies in the sliders. The slide rails can be used independently and interchangeablywhich will be more convenient.However,its combination accuracy cannot reach the ultra-high precision of non-interchangeable linear guides.

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However if the size can be well controlled in the production and the quality of the product can be strictly controlled, so that the combination accuracy of the interchangeable linear guide can reach the standard,it is a better choice for customers who do not need to pair and install the linear guide.In addition,if the linear guide rail has good interchangeability and the steel ball of the slider does not fall off,then a retainer is required to keep the steel ball from falling off and keep the slider in one piece,so that it is easy for users to replace.

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