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What is the structure and working principle of the electric linear actuator?

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What is the structure and working principle of the electric linear actuator?

● Structure of electric linear actuator

The electric push rod is composed of a drive motor, reduction gear,screw,nut,guide sleeve,push rod,slide seat,spring, shell,turbine,micro control switch,etc.The electric push rod is a new type of electric actuator, and the electric push rod is mainly composed of a motor, a push rod and a control device, which can achieve remote control and centralized control. Electric push rod in a certain range of travel for round-trip movement,the general electric push rod standard travel in, 100,150,200,250,300,350,400 mm,special travel can also be customized according to different application conditions. The electric push rod can be designed according to different application loads and different thrust of the electric push rod, generally its maximum thrust up to 6000N, no-load running speed of 4mm~35mm/s, the electric push rod with 24V/12V DC permanent magnet motor as the power source, the rotating motion of the motor into a linear reciprocating motion. Push a set of linkage mechanisms to complete the switch of damper, valve, gate, baffle, etc. The use of electric push rod as the actuator can not only reduce the air supply device and auxiliary equipment required by the pneumatic actuator, but also reduce the weight of the actuator. 

lead screw driven linear actuator

heavy-duty linear actuator (4)

The pneumatic actuator needs a certain air pressure during the whole control operation process, although the amplifier with small consumption can be used, but over time, thegas consumption is still huge. The electric push rod actuator requires power supply when changing the control opening, and can no longer be powered when the required opening is reached, so from the perspective of energy saving, the electric push rod actuator has obvious energy-saving advantages than the pneumatic actuator. Suitable for remote control and widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, mining, light industry, transportation, ships and other departments of the damper, valve, gate mechanism opening and closing, material handling, flow control. Has been increasingly.

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● Working principle of electric push rod

After the motor is decelerated by a gear,it drives a pair of screw nuts.The rotary motion of the motor is changed into linear motion, and the push rod action is completed by the positive and negative rotation of the motor.For example,through various levers,rockers or connecting rods and other mechanisms can complete rotation,shaking and other complex actions.The stroke can be increased or decreased by changing the lever lever lever length. Stroke control device. Worm gear transmission form:the worm on the motor gear drives the worm gear to rotate,so that the small screw in the worm gear moves axially,and the limit rod is driven by the connecting plate to move axially accordingly.When the required stroke is reached,the power is off by adjusting the limit block to press down the stroke switch,and the motor stops running(the same positive and negative control).Gear transmission form:the motor drives the small lead screw installed in the inner tube through the reduction gear,drives the axial running nut connected with it,and when the set stroke, the nut antenna presses the limit switch to disconnect the power supply, and the motor stops moving (the reverse is the same).An optional potentiometer can be used to display the stroke state of the push rod operation,and an encoder can be added to realize the complete stroke in several steps(that is,stop-and-go).Design features novel and exquisite,small size,high precision,complete synchronization,good self-locking performance, health,direct motor drive,do not need pipeline air source,oil circuit,has been widely used in production lines,automobiles,ventilation window open, military,stage,textile,sewage treatment and other industry equipment.

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