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What's the application of linear motion components in Aerospace and Defense?

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What's the application of linear motion components in Aerospace and Defense?

The use of linear motion systems in aerospace and defense applications continues to drive technological advances resulting in reduced weight,improved fuel efficiency and precise motion.The miniature,lightweight lead screw and actuator assembly means less moving mass and a minimal footprint.In addition,advanced manufacturing options make these parts fully customizable in terms of size,materials,coatings,machined ends and motor installation options.A few common application examples include:

1.Missile fin actuation

A precision-designed miniature lead screw assembly replaces the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators previously used in these situations.Each lead screw and nut combination converts torque into thrust as the lead screw or nut turns,moving the mated piece in a linear direction.In addition,the lead screw mechanism eliminates sliding friction and stick-slip,so little maintenance is required after initial lubrication.The lead screw is efficient and automatically minimizes the power required to drive the missile fin drive.Fin-driven transmissions are also reduced in size and weight,making the lead screw a better choice for small missiles and target munitions.

lead screw mechanism

The lead screw mechanism eliminates sliding friction and stick-slip,requiring little maintenance after initial lubrication.

2.Unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs)are designed to operate over high forces,high linear accuracy,and a wide temperature range.Combining these design specifications with highly customizable manufacturing options,including non-standard materials such as titanium or aluminum and dedicated hollow lead screws for weight reduction,makes the lead screws ideal for aerospace and unmanned vehicle applications.

(1)Wing flap actuation – titanium screws with bronze or polymer nuts

(2)Tail fin actuation – titanium screws with bronze or polymer nuts

(3)Landing gear actuation – lead screw linear actuators are used to extend and retract landing gear and landing gear door hatches

(4)Payload door actuation

(5)Parking brake actuation

(6)Pan/tilt actuation of cameras and vision systems

linear motion product integration in UAVs.

Common area of linear motion product integration in UAVs.

3.Seat actuation

Acme threaded shapes are ideal for seat drives because of their highly reliable and repeatable performance over the life of the aircraft.

4.Electronic sight systems

Most electronic sighting systems involve a combination of integrated cameras,sensors,and positioning mechanisms that require high-precision data acquisition and shift/tilt drive.Precision lead screws not only provide the same high degree of linear drive accuracy as ball screws,but also provide a highly customizable solution at a very low cost.

5.Thrust reverser screws

Thrust reverser screws allow adjustment of the thrust reverser for the decelerating aircraft,reducing brake wear and shortening landing distance.

These examples are just a few of the technological advances in the realization of linear motion systems.Other common uses of lead screw and linear motion guidance systems in the aerospace industry include gunsight drive systems,tank sighting systems,and antenna elevation and azimuth drive systems.





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