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What should pay attention to when using Linear module vertically?

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What should pay attention to when using Linear module vertically?

The first thing to note is that the Z-axis vertical use of the linear module can drive the load is much smaller than the horizontal use, mainly when the vertical use of the inertia force and the weight of the workpiece itself will be concentrated on the vertical ball screw,at this time, the effect is not as good as when the linear guide rail and the support of the body base are installed horizontally.

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gantry module ball screw linear actuator

linear guide rail and ball screw linear module

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The servo motor used in vertical use must have a braking function to avoid damage and personal safety problems caused by the slide seat and the workpiece after power failure, and the linear module can be used more safely through the braking function.

Also,the linear module used vertically in the z axis cannot be a synchronous belt module or a linear motor module,and the linear module of these two transmission modes can not be used in the vertical direction. When the synchronous belt slide is used vertically,it will cause the stretching deformation or even fracture of the synchronous belt,reduce the life of the synchronous belt,and affect the positioning accuracy of the overall slide table.The linear motor module is driven by the electromagnetic force between the stator and the actuator, and there is no connection of the screw,so it can not be used in the vertical installation.

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