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What should we pay attention to when using linear guides?

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What should we pay attention to when using linear guides?

Linear guide is a kind of precision linear motion component,So we should uphold a rigorous attitude when using it,Even if the performance of the linear guide is high,it will not give the user the desired effect in case of improper use,and may even cause damage to the linear guide rail.The following are some suggestions for using linear guides:

●Necessary anti-rust treatment is required

Hands should be cleaned before touching the linear guide rail to prevent the sweat from remaining on the guide rail.High-quality mineral oil should be applied before operation.We also should pay special attention to rust prevention in the hot and humid summer and rainy season.

●Keep the environment clean

The operating environment of linear guides should be kept clean,avoid internal wear and abnormal noise caused by impurities and dust entering the guide rail.

●Install carefully and patiently

Strong impact should be avoided during the installation of linear guide.In principle,hammer should not be used to knock the guide rails or transfer pressure through rolling elements.

●Select a dedicated installation tool

It is best to choose special installation tools to install linear guide rails,and avoid tools that are easy to produce scraps and fibers.

The above are matters that need to pay attention to the use of linear guides.Linear motion components should be used correctly in order to give full play to their performance.In addition,good operating habits can also prolong the service life of linear motion components.

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