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When to use an anti-backlash nut lead screw?

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In the axis direction of the trapezoidal lead screw,the thread of the lead screw and the nut is a clearance match,and the clearance is the axial clearance.

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Refer to the figure above to fix the axial moving nut behind the lead screw and the distance that can be moved.

The positioning accuracy of trapezoidal screw generally refers to its absolute positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy.In the reciprocating movement of the nut,after changing the direction of movement,the lead screw needs to finish the axial clearance before it can contact the nut thread for driving.For applications where repeated positioning accuracy is required,the control system can be compensated correspondingly,but with the wear of the lead screw,the compensation amount should also be changed correspondingly,and it is difficult to meet the requirements with ordinary nuts.

Reducing the clearance is decisive for ensuring accurate repeated positioning,which requires the nut of the trapezoid lead screw to have a clearance function.Please note that for unidirectional loads,you need to determine whether you need to use anti-backlash nuts.

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