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Which industries are cross roller sliders suitable for?

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Which industries are cross roller sliders suitable for?

Cross roller slides help improve general automation,microprocessor manufacturing,and linear shaft performance on diagnostic equipment.Cross roller guides offer high load capacity as well as high stiffness and ride accuracy -- in many cases,the same applications as recirculating roller linear guides.

However,a key advantage of cross-roller sliders over rectilinear recirculating roller guides that use ball bearings is that the former maintain a very smooth motion.The omission of roller recirculation means that these precision linear guides also do not exhibit the pulsation caused by the recirculating bearings as they enter and leave the internal load zone. This quieted the guide.

The high load capacity and smooth motion of cross roller sliders often make them preferred for short-stroke applications requiring μm or nm positioning,such as shafts in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing machinery and platforms for detection.Since there is little difference between static and dynamic friction coefficients of cross roller slides,these precision guides are also suitable for shafts that require frequent stops and starts while performing very short strokes - for example in cameras and microscopes.


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