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Why are cages used in crossed roller guides?

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Why are cages used in crossed roller guides?

Cross roller guides are non-recirculating linear bearings,the rollers are oriented in a "criss-cross" mode(each roller rotates 90 degrees relative to the one next to it)and move between two parallel guides with V-shaped grooves.Since the rollers do not recirculate,these guides provide high load capacity and good stiffness,as well as smoother motion than their recirculating bearing counterparts.

China cross roller guides

The rollers are arranged in a "criss-cross" pattern,with each rotating 90 degrees relative to the one next to it.

Like the ball cage designs of some recirculating linear guides,cross roller guides also use cages to hold the rollers,prevent metal-to-metal contact between them,and control their movement.Some cross roller guides use cages made of metal that hold the rollers in two places(top and bottom).Metal cages provide pollution protection and are suitable for vacuum,clean room and high temperature applications.

But metal cages take up much more space than designs made of resin or engineering plastics.Resin or engineering plastics can be molded to fit the rollers more tightly,allowing more rollers to be used for a given length.Plastic or resin cages also allow more rollers to be exposed in contact with the raceway,which also increases load capacity.

THK Cross roller guides

Cross roller guides consist of two guides(rails)with V-shaped grooves and rollers with a 90 degree relative orientation.The roller is contained by a metal or resin cage that prevents roller to roller contact and controls the movement of the roller.

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