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Why are traditional stepper motors not suitable for use in vacuum?

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Why are traditional stepper motors not suitable for use in vacuum?

Traditional stepper motor is not suitable for operation in a vacuum environment, there are two main reasons: heat and pollution.

Stepper motor for vacuum

Heat is generated when the coils of the motor are energized. Under normal operating conditions, air acts as a conductor to release heat. This type of heat dissipation would not be feasible in a vacuum environment.

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At the microscopic level we find many small air masses in paints,coatings and oils. When there is no air in the environment,the gas in the motor will expand and escape,introducing unwanted pollutants into the environment.Our vacuum motors are scientifically designed and manufactured with low-emission materials to minimize pollutant emissions.


Temperature management

No system is 100% effective,and when the motor coil is energized to generate heat,the traditional motor heat dissipation in a vacuum environment becomes a difficulty for two main reasons:the motor performance is reduced and the life is shortened.


As the temperature rises,the magnetic field strength of the permanent magnet decreases,which directly leads to the reduction of motor performance,directly affects the output torque of the motor,and even when the temperature reaches a certain critical point,the motor directly stops running.Secondly, the high temperature seriously affects the service life of the motor bearing and shortens the life of the entire system.


In a vacuum environment,there is almost no air convection to heat the motor,although the traditional motor is designed with thermal convection in mind,but when the traditional stepper motor works in a vacuum environment,the heat will rapidly accumulate and make the motor stop running.


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