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Why should you consider stainless steel lead screw in extreme environments?

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 Why should you consider stainless steel lead screw in extreme environments?

There are many material options when it comes to lead screw assemblies,and for more extreme environments,stainless steel lead screws may be the right choice for your linear motion applications.The following are the benefits of using stainless steel lead screw:

Corrosion resistance:Stainless steel lead screw provides varying degrees of corrosion resistance through its chromium content.Stainless steel forms a tightly bonded layer of chromium oxide that protects the surface and underlying material from oxygen diffusion.As long as enough oxygen is present,the layer of chromium oxide can even "heal" when scratched.Harsh environments such as automotive,aerospace and construction applications are ideal for this type of lead screw.

●Temperature resistance:Stainless steel lead screws are not only strong and durable,but also maintain good characteristics at both very high and very low temperatures.

●Easy to manufacture:tainless steel lead screw can also be cut,welded and machined with relative ease.

●Cost and Hygiene:Not only is stainless steel lead screw is easy to manufacture and process,but stainless steel lead screw often wins the life cycle cost comparison when you consider the total life cycle cost.Stainless steel lead screw is also easier to clean-which means they are generally easier to maintain than other types of materials.

ALM provides the following stainless steel lead screw:

●303 Stainless Steel:Grade 303 is the most easily processed of all austenitic stainless steels.Grade 303 Machinability is due to the presence of sulfur in the steel composition.Although sulfur improves processing,it also leads to a reduction in corrosion resistance and a slight reduction in toughness.The Type 303 has less corrosion resistance than the Type 304,but the toughness is still excellent.

●304 Stainless Steel:304 stainless steel is the most popular and widely used of all stainless steels.It is non-magnetic and versatile,providing less carbon composition to minimize carbide precipitation.It is most commonly used in extreme high temperature applications.It is also resistant to corrosive acids.In addition,304 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 95,000 psi and a Rockwell hardness of B80.

●316 Stainless steel:316 stainless steel is ideal for use in the chemical,food and oil and gas industries because of its low carbon content and avoid carbide precipitation.It has added molybdenum,slightly more nickel than other types of 300 series stainless steel,and has a tensile strength of 90,000 psi and a Rockwell hardness of B80.

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