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ALM electric linear actuator in AGV application case

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ALM electric linear actuator in AGV application case

Since most AGVs are transported indoors,they need to be environmentally friendly,so there is no leakage for the mechanism jacking and lifting requirements.Common AGV jacking and lifting mechanisms are solved by mechanical CAM and screw + motor drive,which challenges the reliability and maintenance-free AGV.

electric Linear Actuator For AGV

Linear Actuator For AGV

ALM provides customers with leading electric linear actuator solutions:

I type Linear Actuator

U type Linear Actuator

L type linear actuator

Heavy duty linear actuator

• More compact structure(jack up 50mm,mounting size can be 230mm)

• Maintenance free,no maintenance required during the design life

• Simple power-on and easy feedback control

• Energy efficient

• When you need 2 or 4 simultaneous lifting,it can be achieved by itself

• A single rated load of 10000N

• Three input voltages are available:12V/24V/48V

• Wide ambient temperature -40 °C to 85 °C,fully adapted to cold chain or high temperature special AGV

ALM electric linear actuator has a robust metal gear and corrosion resistant housing and is designed for use in harsh environments with a temperature range of -40 to 85°C and a duty cycle of 25%.A wide range of electric linear actuators are available for medium and heavy load applications with clutch overload protection.

For efficient linear motion to perform height adjustment or part transfer,ALM can offer a variety of solutions to be integrated into the design of AGV trolleys.At the same time,the lightweight and compact product characteristics allow our electric linear actuators to be easily integrated into the mechanical structure of the vehicle without compromising the performance of the vehicle in terms of speed and power consumption.Ideal for designing different types of automation equipment, AGVs and other lifting equipment.

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