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What are the advantages of PTFE coated lead screws?

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What are the advantages of PTFE coated lead screws?

Lead screw is a common component in mechanical equipment,which has important applications in many fields.In long-term use,regular lubrication of lead screw is a key concern.Regular lubrication can effectively protect lead screw,extend its service life and improve operational efficiency.While PTFE coating lead screw provides a maintenance-free solution.PTFE,commonly referred to as Teflon,is a semi-crystalline fluoropolymer that is widely recognized for its use as a non-stick coating on cookware.

Lead screw with PTFE coating benefits

(1) PTFE is a material with excellent lubrication properties,and the surface coating can reduce the friction between lead screw and nut,making the transmission smoother.This not only improves transmission efficiency and reduces energy loss,but also extends the service life of lead screw and nut.


(2) PTFE coating has good corrosion resistance and can effectively prevent lead screw from being corroded. Especially in some harsh working environments,such as humid,corrosive places,PTFE coating can effectively protect lead screw and reduce maintenance costs.


(3) PTFE surface coating has good anti-wear properties and can reduce wear and tear of lead screw in the working process,to maintain its surface smoothness,this is especially important for some high-frequency, high-load working conditions of mechanical equipment.


 Lead Screw with PTFE coating benefits

(4) Lead Screw with PTFE coating has good high temperature resistance,can be in a high temperature environment for a long time and stable operation,not easy to deformation or burn.


(5) PTFE coating lead screw has a very smooth surface,not easy to adhere to dust,dirt and other impurities,easy to clean,keep the equipment neat and sanitary.

PTFE coated lead screw applications

(1)Medical industry: PTFE coated lead screwshave excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility,and can be used in moving parts of medical equipment, such as surgical instruments,medical robots,etc.


(2)Food industry:PTFE coated screws have excellent high temperature resistance and anti-adhesion,and can be used for transmission parts of food processing equipment, such as stirrers,conveyor,etc.


(3)Chemical industry:PTFE coated lead screws have excellent corrosion and wear resistance,and can be used for transmission parts of chemical equipment,such as pumps,valves,etc.


(4)Semiconductor industry:PTFE coated lead screws have excellent insulating properties and high temperature resistance,and can be used for precision adjustment parts of semiconductor equipment.

ALM Offers Cost-Effective PTFE-Coated lead Screws

Our in-house PTFE coating process ensures that each lead screw assembly meets high quality standards.By controlling the process ourselves,we are able to closely monitor the coating thickness and ensure that it is consistent across all products.This not only helps to maintain the quality of our lead Screw assemblies, but also allows us to keep costs down by avoiding outsourcing the coating process.


We typically apply a coating thickness of 0.6 to 0.8 mil,which provides a durable and long-lasting finish.The PTFE coating is then cured by baking at temperatures over 600°F,ensuring that it adheres securely to the lead Screw assembly.

PTFE coatings are available on all lead screws produced here at ALM,providing our customers with a wide range of options for their specific needs Whether you require a standard coating thickness or a custom solution,our team is equipped to meet your requirements and deliver high-quality lead screw assemblieswith PTFE coating.

Contact our e-mail to find the right solution: sales@autolinearmotion.com

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