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What Are The Steps of Linear Module Selection?

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What Are The Steps of Linear Module Selection?

Linear module is also called electric module,single-axis manipulator,CNC slide table.Slide module is the most commonly used transmission components in automation equipment.There are many kinds of slide module In the selection process,if the selection is wrong,it will bring various problems to the performance of the equipment and the advancement of the project.

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Linear module selection can be briefly divided into the following nine steps:

●The choice of the use of the environment,we are generally divided into harsh environment,clean environment and general environment,in the dust of this harsh environment,you need to choose with dust configuration.

Determination of the installation direction,the installation mode of the slide module can be divided into horizontal installation, wall installation or vertical installation, only to determine the installation direction, we can better select.

Load determination,each module has its own rated load, if the load is too large,it will damage the module, so we must determine the load.

Calculate the speed and acceleration of the slide module,which is an important factor affecting production efficiency.

Precision is the soul of the sliding table module,we need to clarify the required repeated positioning accuracy and walking parallelism requirements.

Allowable torque check,calculate the static(constant speed) state and acceleration and deceleration state of the torque value.

Motor installation style determination,commonly used slide module installation methods include direct connection type, motor left side installation,motor right installation, motor bottom side installation,etc.

●Determine the sliding table module travel limit switch mode.

● Determine the motor specifications and power of the slide module.

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