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When to choose ACME screws?

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When to choose ACME screws?

In linear motion systems,ACME screws are considered a cost-effective and efficient solution for a variety of applications.ACME screw thread angle is 29-degree.

ACME thread


Unlike ball screw or roller screw assembly,ACME screw components are relatively simple,and the simplicity of its design not only helps to reduce costs,but also helps to operate quietly.In contrast,ball screws or roller screws can produce unnecessary noise due to internal balls or rollers and other moving parts of nut.


ACME thread screws are available in various materials and coatings to enhance their wear resistance,corrosion resistance,and overall durability,making them adaptable to diverse environmental conditions.ACME screw material can be used in a variety of stainless steel and carbon steel.ACME nut popular materials are PEEK,POM,brass,bronze,nylon and so on.Using self-lubricating ACME plastic nuts,requiring little lubrication and maintenance,and ACME screw can be coated with various coatings,such as PTFE and molybdenum disulfide to reduce friction and extend the service life.

ACME screws are available in various thread configurations,allowing for customization based on specific application requirements,such as pitch,lead,and diameter.ALM lead screw diameter from 2mm to 120mm,lead available from 0.5mm to 32.5mm.


Acme threaded rods have a self-locking characteristic,preventing the load from back-driving the screw,which is beneficial for maintaining position without the need for additional braking mechanisms.


The adaptability of ACME screws facilitates seamless integration into existing machinery and equipment,providing a flexible and efficient linear motion solution for different operational needs.ACME nuts are easy to install and assemble compared with ball screws a roller screw.


However,ACME screws are not well-suited for high-speed applications due to their lower efficiency and self-locking feature,which may restrict their use in systems requiring rapid linear actuation.Similarly,compared with the ball screw,the accuracy of ACME screw is relatively low,and in some cases requiring special high precision,the accuracy of the ACME screw can not be achieved.


However,finding the right screw drivetrain will entirely depend on the specifics of your unique application and the motion/action desired. Please contact ALM to find the right screw solution.




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