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Diameter 8mm Pitch 2.5mm Rolled Spindle 8X2.5

8X2.5 ball screw
Material:Gcr15 or 9cr18 or SUS440C
MOQ:1 set
Application:CNC router, CNC machine Medical device
  • 0802.5

  • ALM

  • 8483401000

What's the difference between rolled ball screws and ground ball screws?

First of all,on price, ground ball screw materials is 3 times more expensive compared to that of rolled ball screw.

Following is the specific difference between both.

1. Rolled ball screw is produced by a molding heat treatment.The process is relatively simple, one-time on the molding, but the ground ball screw is made through mechanical processing methods,.The process is cumbersome, layer control.

2.Rolled ball screw is suitable for equipment where accuracy matters less.While Ground ball screw is usually applied to precision machine.Such as medical testing machine, scanner, axis robot, positioning stage and so on.

3. Rolled ball screw is made through kneading molding.Ground ball screw is grinded on the cylindrical grinder.The manufacturing technology is absolutely different. Generally, there is a small groove at the top of the arch between the rolling channel grooves.

4.Rolled ball screw surface finish is smooth and bright.

Not like the traditional manufacturers,ALM can not only produce ground ball screws,but also the rolled types.

Rolled ball screws range:Diameter 4mm to 120mm.

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Accuracy can be C3 C5 C7

Lead time:3~10 days

Ground ball screws range:Diameter 3mm to 120mm.

Accuracy can be C1 C3 C5 C7

Lead time:10~30 days

Ball Screw Nut Selection:

(1) Series

When making selection of series, please take demanded accuracy, intended delivery time,dimensions( the outside diameter of screw, ratio of lead/ the outside diameter of screw) preload and etc into consideration.

(2) Circulation type

Selection of circulation type : Please consider the efficiency of screw nut's mounting space. Email us to learn the advantage of each circulation type.

(3) Number of loop circuits

Performance and service life should be considered when selecting number of loop circuits.

(4) Shape of flanges (FLANGE)

Please make selection based on the available space for the installation of nuts.

(5) Oil hole

Oil hoIes are provided for the precision ball screws, please use them during machine assembling

and regular furnishing.

ball screw accuracy

Cautions About Use of Ball Screws:Ball screw assemblies are delicate components.Therefore,extra care must be taken to prevent the ball track from damages that caused by edged component or tools. 

Meanwhile, the steel ball is very easily fall out of the nut or over stroke. Don't disassemble it.

ball screw disassemble

Otherwise,the ball screw will be damaged.

To prevent steel ball fall out of the nut through the disassembly of screw and nut or over stroke, please be careful while operating. 

If the steel ball falls out, please contact with ALM Linear Motion for further instruction.Do not attempt to reassemble, which might cause permanent damage to the ball screw.

If disassemble is required, please use a transfer pipe which has minor diameter than the screw

diameter to transfer the nut to prevent falling out of the steel balls.

ball screw dummy shaft

Precision rolled ball screw catalog:

miniature series C3 C5 C7 ball screw-ALM 3.31M.pdf

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