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The Unique China Made Mini Linear Rails MGN5C

Alternative to HIWIN linear guide rails and blocks.High quality but good price compared to HIWIN.
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MGN series linear guide
MOQ:1 set available
  • MGN5C

  • ALM

  • 8483401000

The Unique China Made Mini Linear Rails MGN5C

China Made Mini Linear Rails MGN5C (1)

HIWIN linear guide rail MGN5C

How to install linear guide rail carriage?

Linear guideways function is to support and guide moving parts and to do linear reciprocating motion in a given direction. 

Linear guide rail carriage assemblies steps:

Remove the bristles, dirt and surface bruises of the mechanical mounting surface before installing linear blocks.  

Note 1: Before installation, please wash the plane with cleaning oil.Usually after the anti-rust oil is removed, the plane is easier to rust, so it is recommended to apply a lower viscosity of lubricant.Gently place the main rail on the bed table and gently fit the rail with the side mounting surface using side-fixing screws or other fixtures.

Note 2: Before installation,check whether the screw holes match, assuming that the base machining holes do not match and forced locking bolts,it will greatly affect the combination accuracy and linear guideways quality.

The positioning screws of the rails are tightened slightly in order from the center to the sides, so that the track fits slightly with the vertical mounting surface. The order is tightening the rail from the center position to both ends to obtain more stable accuracy. After the vertical plane is slightly tightened, the locking force of the lateral plane is strengthened so that the main rail can actually fit the lateral plane.  

Using a torque wrench,tighten the positioning screws of the rails slowly.

Install the secondary rails using the same installation method, and individual mounting slides to the main rail and the secondary rails.Note that after the slide is installed on the linear rail, many subsequent accessories cannot be installed due to limited installation space and must be installed together with the required attachments at this stage.

Gently place the mobile platform (table) onto the slide of the main and subrails.

Hiwin linear guide cad download:

Linear Guideway catalog-ALM.pdf

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