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Same Dimensions And Quality As HIWIN Linear Guides Block MGN7C

Alternative to HIWIN linear guide rails and blocks.High quality but good price compared to HIWIN.
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MGN series linear guide
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  • MGN7C

  • ALM

  • 8483401000

Same Dimensions And Quality As HIWIN Linear Guides Block MGN7C

HIWIN Linear Guides Block MGN7C (5)

How to select your linear guideways?

→Identify the condition:

●Type of equipment ● Space limitations ●   Accuracy  

●  Stiffness 

● Travel length 

● Magnitude and direction of loads

●  Moving speed, acceleration

●  Duty cycle

● Service life

● Environment

→Selection of series:

●HG series - Grinding, milling, and drilling machine, lathe, machine center.

● EG series - Automatic equipment, high speed transfer device, semiconductor equipment, wood cutting machine, precision measure equipment.

● QE/QH series - precision measure equipment, semiconductor equipment,Automatic equipment, laser marking machine, can be widely applied in high-tech industry required high speed, low noise, low dust generation.

●WE series - Automatic device, transportation device, precision measure equipment,semiconductor equipment, blow moulding machine, single axis robot-robotics.

●MGN/MGW series - Miniature device, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment.

●RG series - CNC machining centers, heavy duty cutting machines, CNC grinding machines, injection molding machines, electric discharge machines, wire cutting   machines, plano millers.

→Selection of accuracy

 ●Classes : C, H, P, SP, UP depends on the accuracy of equipment

→Determines the size & the number of blocks

●Dynamic load condition 

●If accompanied with a ballscrew, the size should be similar to the diameter of ballscrew. For example, if the diameter of the ballscrew is 35mm, then the model  size of linear guideway should be HG35

→Calculate the max. load of block

 ●Make reference to load calculation examples, and calculate the max load. 

 ●Be sure that the static safety factor of selected guideway is larger than the rated static safety factor

Choosing preload

 ●Depends on the stiffness requirement and accuracy of mounting surface

Identify stiffness

 ●Calculate the deformation by using the table of stiffness values, choosing heavier preload and larger size linear guideways to enhance the stiffness

Calculating service life

 ●Calculate the life time requirement by using the moving speed and frequency.   Make reference to the life calculation example

Selection of lubrication

 ●Grease supplied by grease nipple 

 ●Oil supplied by piping joint

Completion of selection


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