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HIWIN KK10020 Ball Screw Linear Guide Module

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The KK10020 linear module sliding table offers a compact and space-saving design,making the linear module suitable for applications with limited space.It also has a modular construction,allowing for easy customization and integration into different systems.

Material Carbon steel
Black types square,flange,lengthed
Accuracy grade C grade or P grade

●ALM KK Linear Module Video Show

KK Module Dimension

KK linear moduleALM KK linear module dimension

●KK Linear Module Display

Kk Series Kk30 Kk40 Kk60 Kk80Single-axis Linear Stepper Stages

KK Module Application

1.Industrial automation:The KK series linear module is commonly used in various industrial automation applications such as pick-and-place systems,material handling systems,and assembly lines.Its high precision and repeatability make it suitable for precise positioning and movement of components.

2.CNC machines: The KK linear module can be integrated into CNC machines for accurate and smooth linear motion control.It ensures precise positioning of the cutting tool or workpiece,resulting in high-quality machining operations.

3.Semiconductor manufacturing:The KK Series linear module is used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for wafer handling, inspection, and testing.Its high accuracy and stability are crucial for maintaining the precision required in semiconductor production processes.

4.Medical equipment: The KK Series linear module finds application in medical equipment such as diagnostic machines,surgical robots,and rehabilitation devices.Its precise motion control capability allows for accurate positioning and movement required in medical procedures.

5.Packaging and labeling machines:The KK Series linear module is used in packaging and labeling machines to ensure precise movement of products,accurate positioning of labels,and consistent packaging quality.

6.Printing and textile machinery:Linear module is utilized in printing and textile machinery for precise movement of print heads,fabric feeding,and tension control.Its high-speed capabilities and accuracy contribute to efficient and high-quality printing and textile production.

ALM KKP series catalog 6M.pdf


ALM originally established in year of 2005.From a small factory,ALM nowadays has four production workshops for ball screw,lead screw,linear motor,linear actuator,linear guideways and related CNC machining parts for automation industry.Total areas over 7000 square meters,109 employees.Above 8 technical engineers are with over 20 years’ experience in linear motion filed.

ALM manufactures and supplies high quality linear motion components for customers in fields of aircraft, satellite,medical,Instrumentation,Robotics,Automobile,Electrical & Electronics,Textile,Medical,Food & Beverages,General Industry and so on.Customers cover more than 65 countries in Europe,North America,South Asia,Middle East,Africa,Latin America etc.With super quality and service,ALM has been widely recognized and highly valued by its high-end and picky customers, and thus remains at the top of their vendor lists.

ALM key production machines are imported,like high precision CNC grinding machine,3 axis,4 axis machining centre,internal and external grinding centre,CNC lathe.In addition,with advanced production management,ALM obtained the quality certificate ISO9001:2008 and IATF16949.And through our R&D department dedication over 16 years,we possess more than 26 national patents.

ALM's office

ALM office

ALM's workshop

ALM workshop

ALM product processing

product processing

ALM's warehouse

ALM warehouse

ALM product show

linear module

ball screw

Customer Visit

ALM customer visit

Patent Certificate for invention and utility model

seidal product certificate

ISO  Certificate


CE Certificate

ALM CE certificate

Excellent HighTech Enterprise

Excellent HighTech Enterprise

Leading Talents Certificate

ALM Leading Talents Certificate

1.Why can ALM be your better option for linear motion components?

With more than 16 years of industry experience,quality assurance,factory directly price.

2.What are your ways of payment?

LC,T/T, D/P,PayPal,Western Union,Money Gram

3.When can I get the quotation?

We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price,please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

4.How to Custom-made?

custom ball screw





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