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SFU3205 Precision Ball Screw C5 for CNC Lathe

SFU ballnut
Gcr15 or 40Crmo material
MOQ:1 set
  • SFU3205

  • ALM

  • 8483401000

SFU3205 high precision ground C5 Ball Screw for CNC Lathe

SFU3205 ball screw

SFU3205 ballnut drawing

SFU3205 ballnut dimensions

SFU1604 ball screw (1)

SFU ball screw accessories:ballnut housing, end support, lock nut, flexible coupling all available

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Same dimensions as TBI ball screw.But fast delivery with good price!

What's ball screw advantages?

High Reliability

ALM has very strict quality control standards covering every production process.With proper lubrication and use, trouble-free operation for an extended period of time is possible.

Smooth Operation

The high efficiency of ball screws is vastly superior to conventional screws. The torque required is less than 30%. Linear motion can be easily changed from rotary motion.

High Rigidity and Preload

When axial play is minimized in conventional screw-nut assemblies, the actuating torque becomes excessive and the operation is not smooth. The axial play in ALM precision ball screws may be reduced to zero by preloading and a light smooth operation is still possible. therefore, both low torque and high rigidity can be obtained simultaneously.ALM ball screws have gothic arch groove profiles which allow these conditions to be achieved.

Circulation Method

Ball return tube method. (V, E, S, Y Type); Ball deflector method. (I, U, M, K Type)

High Durability

Rigidly selected materials, intensive heat treating and processing techniques, backed by years of experience, have resulted in the most durable ball screws manufactured


ALM ball screws are used widely in the precision equipment or special industrial machinery. Such as electronic equipment, food machinery, packing machinery, medical machine, printer, textile machinery, the robot, CNC machine tools cars, and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring device and so on.


Packing:In cartons or wooden cases 


1.Sample order:DHL, FeDex, UPS VIP account with discount.So you can get favorable shipping freight.

2.Bulk order:Negotiated professional shipping agent by air or by sea.

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ALM possesses factory occupying 7000 square meters with 109 employees.Among which,more than 15 professional technical engineers in lead screws,ball screws and the mating linear motion parts for over 8 years' project experience.

All factory key manufacturing and testing equipments are imported from Japan, like CNC lathe, internal and external high-precision grinder, screw grinding machine, etc. ALM has passed the ISO9001:2015 and TS16949 Quality Management System. 

The R&D achievements over many years bring the company more than 25 national patents on lead screw and ball screw design.

Production technology

Quality testing


ALM customers




Technical support

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