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Diameter 16mm Lead 24mm Lead Screw Tr16X24

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Diameter 16mm Lead 24mm Lead Screw Tr16X24.The diameter of the trapezoidal lead crew is16mm and the lead of the trapezoidal lead screw is 24mm. The trapezoidal lead screw pitch is 4mm. ALM has been specializing in screw manufacturing for 16 years,ALM will persistently provide the customers most professional technology, high quality and high performance solution.

ALM lead screw

Model no Tr16x24
Parameters Diameter 16mm, pitch 4mm,lead 24mm
Material SUS304,SUS304
Nut material POM
ALM Quality standard ISO2901-2016 ,DIN103,GB/T5796-1-2005
Clearance 7e

Linear lead screw

Transmission Screw thread types

  Thread   Types

Trapezoidal   thread T ISO Trapezoldal Thread:For transmission and posltion adjustment, wldely used  In the  mechanical Industry.
Metric thread M ISO Metric Thread (60° ):The most common form of thread used for fastening   and  precislon transmission.
ACME thread English threads can also be used for fastening connectlons,but not for high accuracy
Round thread Wlth the same arc thread as ball screw, the transmission is smoother.
Goethe thread Gothic double arc thread,drawing the advantages of ball screw, is the new products.
Reclprocating   thread X Reclprocating thread:A screw that makes the slldle block reclprocate without   changing the rotation direction of the spindle.

Design Considerations

Most applications can be satisfied by selecting from ALM stock sizes listed. However, OEM may find an optimum design solution requiring a special size or special features such as stub series threads, special diameter and lead combinations, multiple start thread, etc. For these applications, ALM is uniquely qualified with over 15 years of experience in serving the OEM market. Extensive tooling and software resources can be utilized to assist the OEM designer in finding the very best metric solution for any application. Contact ALM Application Engineering for more details.

Nut Selection

When selecting the right nut for an application, there are a few things to keep in mind. Bronze nuts provide superior service at high working loads. They should be well lubricated with a good quality, Extreme Pressure (EP) grease compatible with the operating environment. Plastic nuts can be used without lubrication and are popular for low load applications.

Trapezoidal lead screws and nuts are widely used and well suited for both manual and power drive applications including:

Pharmaceutical machinery

Packaging machinery

Slide drives

Metric valve stems

Medical device drives

Farm machinery

Screw press drives


lead screw catalog.pdf

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Lead screw workshop

ALM possesses factory occupying 8000 square meters with 120 employees.Among which,more than 30 professional technical engineers in lead screws,ball screws and the mating linear motion parts. 

All factory key manufacturing and testing equipments are imported from Japan, like CNC lathe, internal and external high-precision grinder, screw grinding machine, etc. ALM has passed the ISO9001:2015 and TS16949 Quality Management System. 

The R&D achievements over many years bring the company more than 25 national patents on lead screw and ball screw design.

Production technology

Quality testing facilities

Quality testing





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