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Solar Tracker Linear Actuators

The electric linear actuator is an important part of the solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power trackers,solar tracker actuators enable the solar panels to set the best Angle relative to the sun,ensuring that sunlight can be efficiently collected at various times.Whether it is technology or quality,ALM solar electric actuator is in the leading position of the industry benchmark.Our sun tracking electric linear actuators are generally used in harsh environments with variable humidity,dust and temperature.

ALM Solar Tracking Linear Actuators

ALM Solar Tracking Actuators Features

Our solar tracking linear actuators are known for the following features:

(1)High safety and reliability

Rigorous material selection,precision design,comprehensive testing to cope with wind,rain and heavy loads.

(2)Good environmental adaptability
The highest protection level can reach IP68,and it runs smoothly under extreme conditions of -42 ° C ~ +65 ° C.

(3)Very low maintenance costs
There is no risk of oil spills,linear actuator is cleaner and easier to install,takes up less space and requires no maintenance.

(4)Strong customization ability
20 years of experience in the drive industry,flexible customized solutions,intelligent integration of other control systems.


Solar Tracking Linear Actuators Applications 

(1)Solar power concentration equipment

(2)Photovoltaic device

(3)Photovoltaic concentration equipment

(4)PV panels

(5)Concentrators – CPV


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