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High Precision Ball Screw 1603 for CT Scanners

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High Precision Ball Screw 1603 for CT Scanners.Ball screw is an excellent choice for applications that require high duty cycles,high speeds,and high loads.They are also a good choice when you are looking for a bit of torque advantage.Rollers inside ball nuts generally have lower friction than rollers and acme screws,giving them up to 90% mechanical efficiency.This high efficiency makes them ideally suited for operations requiring a higher level of performance and screw wear issues.

Material Gcr15 or 9cr18
Accuracy grade  C3

1 piece available for test

Delivery time

Samples 10~15 days, small order 20 days,bulk order 20~30 days.


Plastic bag + wooden box or according to customers' demands

Other models

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Mating parts

Nut housing,ball screw support BK,BF,EK,EF,FK,FF,end maching service is available

Notes:Above is part of standard models,other model or nut type is available upon drawing

ASF Series Ball Screw Specification

miniature ball screw

ASF ball screw

Our Advantages

what you can get from ALM

Ball Screw Application

medical device

Medical device

solar pannel

Solar pannel

packging and injection mold

Packging and injection mold

woodworking machine

Woodworking machine

滚珠丝杆应用machine centre and factory automation

Machine centre 

Common Ball Screw Terms Explained

1.Lead and Pitch

Lead and spacing are a good example of related but different specifications.The Lead refers to the linear distance traveled for each complete turn of the screw,while the pitch is the distance between the screw threads.These terms are often used interchangeably,and for single-start screws(as defined below),lead and pitch are equivalent.However,for screws with multiple starts,the lead and pitch are not equal.

2.Circuits and Turns

Also related is the concept of ball circuits and turns.A ball circuit is a closed path of recirculating balls."Turns"refers to the number of trips the ball can make around the screw shaft before recirculating.The relationship between the Circuits and the turns is affected by the recirculation method.The return cue uses either a deflector or a threaded to threaded(also known as a cross)method to recirculate each turn of the ball individually.So the number of turns is equal to the number of circuits.

Internal Deflector Recirculation 

Internal Deflector Recirculation

Recirculating balls can pass through multiple threads as the ball returns through an internal channel or an external tube,so a Circuit can have multiple ball turns.In other words,the ball bearings go several times around the screw shaft before recirculating.Multi-start ball screw assemblies usually use the inner channel recirculation method.The nut body can be designed to have multiple Circuits by incorporating multiple internal recirculation channels into it.

Internal End Cap Recirculation

Internal End Cap Recirculation

External Tube Recirculation

External Tube Recirculation

3.Starts(and Lead revisited)

Return to the lead for a minute.This is not only an important specification for linear travel and speed,but also because the lead of the ball screw determines how many balls are in the load zone(in contact with the screw shaft and ball nut)and therefore has a direct impact on the load capacity.

Given the geometry of the screw assembly,it makes sense that as the screw lead gets larger,the number of rails inside the ball nut gets smaller,and so there are fewer balls to carry the load. Although larger lead screws provide longer travel per turn and higher speeds,their ability to deliver high load capacity is compromised.In theory,it is possible to increase the number of ball tracks by extending the ball nuts,but manufacturing constraints and limitations on the length of the ball nuts make this an impractical solution.


To solve the problem of fewer turns in long lead assemblies,ball screws and nuts can be manufactured with multiple "starter" or ball tracks.This puts more ball bearings into the load bearing area and increases the load capacity.

Single and Double start screw

Single and Double start screw

Multiple ball screw has safety advantages over single starting screw.If one ball track is damaged or tired,balls in other tracks can help prevent catastrophic failure.Furthermore,when a single-starting ball nut is used with a multi-starting screw shaft,the assembly can be refurbished by replacing only the ball nut and not the screw shaft.The new ball nuts are mounted on existing screws in unused rails,saving cost and avoiding the need to completely remove the screw system.

While this may seem like a semantic exercise,understanding these terms and the differences between them can help designers and engineers avoid incorrect assumptions about ball screw operation and performance.


ALM originally established in year of 2005.From a small factory,ALM nowadays own factory 7000 square meters,109 employees.Above 8 technical engineers are with over 20 years' experience in linear motion filed.

With the products covering more than 72 countries in Europe,North America,South Asia,Middle East,Africa,Latin America and Australia,New Zealand etc.With super quality and service,ALM has been widely recognized and highly valued by its high-end and picky customers,and thus remains at the top of their vendor lists.In year of 2016,our Dr team carryied out new innovation linear motor testing.

ALM key production machines are imported,like high precision CNC grinding machine,3 axis,4 axis machining centre,internal and external grinding centre,CNC lathe.With advanced production management enables ALM obtain the quality certificate ISO9001:2008 and IATF16949.The R&D achievements over many years bring  ALM more than 26 national patents.

ALM's office

ALM office

ALM's workshop

ALM workshop

ALM product processing

lead screw

ALM's warehouse

ALM warehouse

Customer Visit

custom lead screw

Patent Certificate for invention and utility model

seidal product certificate

ISO certificate

seidal certificate

1.Why can ALM be your better option for linear motion components?

With more than 16 years of industry experience,quality assurance,factory directly price.

2.What is your main products ?

Our Main products are consist of ball screw,linear guide,lead screw,linear module and linear motor.

3.When can I get the quotation?

We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price,please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

4.How to Custom-made?

custom ball screw





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