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Industrial Linear Electric Actuators

The production process in the industrial field requires various motion controls,such as positioning,pushing,lifting,etc.The traditional push method can not meet these needs,and the electric linear actuator has the characteristics of high precision,high reliability and programmability,which can accurately control the motion process and improve production efficiency and product quality.

ALM Industrial electric Linear Actuator

ALM Industrial Electric Linear Actuator Advantages

(1)ALM electric actuator has high-precision position control ability,which can achieve accurate positioning and motion control and improve production efficiency.

(2)The industrial electric actuator is electrically driven and does not require a hydraulic system,which reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.

(3)Our actuators are programmable and can be flexibly adjusted and controlled according to different process requirements.

Electric Linear Actuator Application in Industrial Automation

(1)Automated assembly line: Industrial electric actuators can be used to locate and push parts to achieve automated assembly and improve production efficiency.

(2)Machine tool processing:Electric linear actuator can be used to control the position and movement speed of the workpiece to achieve precision machining and improve product quality.

(3)Warehousing and logistics:Linear actuator can be used to lift and promote the goods,achieve automated warehousing and logistics, and improve logistics efficiency.

(4)Robot:Industrial electric linear actuator can accurately control the position,speed and force,so that the robot can perform tasks more accurately and improve work efficiency.At the same time,the electric push rod can withstand a large load and can cope with a variety of complex working environments and task requirements.Compared to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems,electric push rods have higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption,reducing environmental impact.

(5) Food and beverage manufacturing:The electric push rod in the food and beverage manufacturing industry has the characteristics of health and safety,precise control,automated production,energy saving and environmental protection and easy maintenance,which can meet the requirements of the food and beverage manufacturing industry for high quality,high efficiency and sustainable development.

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