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Medical Linear Actuators

Medical electric linear actuator is an essential part of intelligence.Electric actuator system can be applied in a variety of medical equipment to achieve lifting and position adjustment.Compared with competitors,ALM electric linear actuators are updated in system technology and process,with a variety of safety features,can meet the demanding sealing and professional efficiency requirements,our linear actuator is a good choice for medical device companies.

Linear Actuator For medical

Medical Electric Linear Actuator Application Examples

Electric Linear Actuator for wheelchair drive system

Wheelchair drive system

Linear Actuator for CT MRI drive system2

CT MRI drive system

Linear Actuator for Dental chair drive system3

Dental chair drive system

Linear Actuator for Electric bed drive system

Electric bed drive system

ALM Medical Linear Actuator Advantages

(1)Precise and accurate movement:ALM Medical electric linear actuators offer precise and accurate movement,allowing for precise positioning and control.This is crucial in medical applications where precision is required,such as in robotic surgery or patient positioning.

(2)Quiet and smooth operation:These linear actuators are designed to operate quietly and smoothly,reducing noise and vibrations.This is important in medical settings where a calm and quiet environment is necessary for patient comfort and recovery.

(3)Compact and lightweight design:ALM Medical electric linear actuators are often compact and lightweight,making them easy to integrate into medical equipment and devices.Their small size and low weight also make them suitable for portable and mobile medical applications.

(4)High load capacity:Despite their compact size,ALM Medical electric linear actuators can often handle high loads.This makes them suitable for applications that require lifting,moving,or supporting heavy medical equipment or patients.

(5)Energy-efficient:These linear actuators are designed to be energy-efficient,consuming minimal power during operation. This can help reduce energy costs and extend the battery life of portable medical devices.

(6)Easy installation and maintenance:ALM Medical electric linear actuators are typically easy to install and maintain. They often come with user-friendly interfaces and can be easily integrated into existing medical systems.Additionally,they require minimal maintenance,reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

(7)Safety features:ALM Medical electric linear actuators often come with built-in safety features such as overload protection,position feedback,and emergency stop functions.These features help ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals during operation.




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